MxVision WeatherSentry

The system supplies accurate, detailed local forecasts for all of our clients based on advanced model data technology and managed by experienced meteorologists 24 hours a day. We can anticipate conditions up to 10 days out, with hourly outlooks for the first three days. Forecasts are updated every hour so we always have the best, most current look at what will happen.

The patented PrecipTimer™ lets us know when snow, ice, or rain will start and stop by identifying your location and monitoring radar data for us. We can eliminate surprises and improve our productivity while cutting unnecessary costs.

The transportation-focused winter weather management suite gives us accurate forecasts, maps, and data on snowfall, ice, wind chill, transportation hazards, and temperatures critical to winter weather-related decisions.

SnowPath™ displays accumulation three days in advance using high-resolution model data enhanced by professional meteorologists. IcePath™ provides the same for forecasted ice storms. In addition, PrecipPath™ gives us a combined animation of all types of precipitation— snow, ice, and rain.
You’ll also receive advanced tools for winter road maintenance, including blowing snow forecasts.