Why Choose a Certified Snow Professional?

The danger to your employees and customers from walking and driving on snow and ice can never be completely eliminated, but Minor and Company has followed proven policies and procedures that have been tested by litigation.

In December of 2002, an employee of one of our customers slipped and fell on ice next to his car in the parking lot. The lot had been plowed and treated throughout the day, and snow removal personnel were on site, indeed they were actually the ones to find the gentleman and render him aid. Nevertheless, he sued Minor and Company and the property owner for negligence, claiming the snow and ice removal was inadequate and caused his accident. The case was tried to a jury in Jefferson County, Kentucky, and they found that Minor and Company did nothing wrong, and consequently the plaintiff received no money.

The evidence at that trial showed that Minor and Company not only removed snow and ice quickly and efficiently, but also kept careful records of the products and personnel utilized to address the various snow and ice removal needs of the customer. These records were instrumental in establishing that Minor and Company followed the law in the case described above, which requires that the work be done with reasonable care. As time passes, and technologies of snow and ice removal improve, what is determined to be “reasonable” can change, and to avoid possible liability, it is safer to use the most advanced methods of snow and ice treatment – to be proactive rather than reactive, whenever possible.

Nancy B. Loucks
Frost Brown Todd, LLC

Minor and Company continues to offer to its customers the highest quality service and products. To be proactive, and stay ahead of the curve, Minor and Company offers the latest technologies to its customers, including recent advances in chemical pretreating and snowmelting products. While some companies are reactive and merely rely on techniques and practices they have used for decades, Minor and Company looks forward to use the most effective new products and techniques to be more than merely “reasonable,” but rather “exceptional.”